Nuclear Medicine

In the Department of Nuclear Medicine, we provide patients with cancer diagnosis and staging with the latest technology all-in-one scanning systems, including for newborns. As a first in Cyprus, in the nuclear medicine polyclinic there is a GE Discovery STE 16 Device as a PET/CT scanning system as well as a GE Infinia Biplane SPECT Gamma Camera. Also, we have 2 radioactive patient treatment rooms that allow high dosage inpatient treatments.

Nuclear Medicine scanners record gamma rays due to the radioactive compound applied to the patient. Central Nervous System, respiration, circulation, skeleton, urogenital, stomach - intestinal systems, liver and biliary tract, thyroid - parathyroid, adrenal glands, infection, inflammation and tumours are inspected with the scans.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is safely used in oncology, cardiology and some neurological disease diagnoses. PET/BT is a test in which Positron Emission Tomography and Computerised Tomography are used together.

PET is a test that shows physiological functions before anatomical changes occur in the body, while BT shows the size, form and localisation of the lesion in full anatomical detail. A more accurate diagnosis can be given if both of these tests are used together.

Prostate Cancer diagnosis and treatment methods (PSMA-PET,Lu-177) are also offered in the Nuclear Medicine Polyclinic. Prostate Cancer detected with Ga-68 PSMA can successfully be treated with Lu-177 PSMA. Lu-177 PSMA treatment increases the life span and life quality of the person. Using Lu-177 EDTMP, pain palliation is applied to the patients with prostate cancer to reduce the number and dosage or completely remove the need to use painkillers.

Nuclear Medicine Department Health Services;

  1. Selective intra-arterial radionuclide therapy (SIRT) with Y-90 Sır-Spheres and Ho-166 radio-microspheres, also known as radio-embolization, in inoperable primary or metastatic liver tumors
  2. Clinical oncology and neurology (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease etc.) applications with 18F-FDG PET & CT
  3. Cardiac FDG PET imaging in the assessment of myocardial viability
  4. Ga-68 PSMA and Ga-68 peptide (DOTA / DOTATATE) PET & CT scan in Prostate Cancers and Neuroendocrine Tumors
  5. Lutetium-177 PSMA and Lutetium-177 peptide (DOTA / DOTATATE) radionuclide therapy in Prostate Cancers and Neuroendocrine Tumours
  6. Lu-177 EDTMP and Sm-153 radionuclide therapy for bone pain relief in patients with painful bone metastases.
  7. Isotopic radiosynovectomy with intra-articular Y-90, Rhenium-186, Er-169 colloid injection for the relief of intra-articular effusion in chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases, mainly in rheumatoid arthritis or PVNS or haemophilic arthropathy
  8. Radioactive iodine (I-131) therapy in well-differentiated thyroid cancer and hyperthyroid patients
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