Our Hospital

Near East University Hospital was built in 2010 on the basis of a private hospitaland provides 54 departments using the latest technology equipment at standards that exceed those found in Europe.

The aim is to remove the need for Turkish Cypriots to seek medical assistance abroad as well as to attract foreign individuals to North Cyprus by providing health services with a distinguished medical staff.

Near East University Hospital, located on the Near East University Campus in Nicosia with 55,000 square metres of closed space, is comprised of three blocks with three, four and nine stories respectively, and provides health services through 209 individual patients’ room (22 being VIP rooms), 8 operating theatres, 30 intensive care units and 17 newborn intensive care units.

We offerhigh quality polyclinic services along with analytical laboratories that allowall health-related tests to be performed, a Radiology Centre with the latest and most advanced imaging devices for diagnosis, a Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Centre specifically designed for diagnosing and treating cancer cases, and 84 completely digitised physician examination rooms.

Founded on international standards and in accordance with the accreditation of the “Joint Commission International” (JCI), the hospital providesservices for patients’ medical and other needs in line with these standards and criteria.

Work is being done in the hospital to obtain a quality certificate from TEMOS, an independent quality accreditation. The aim is to increase the visibility of the hospital and the country in the international arena and to provide patient flow from around the world to the country to receive treatment services.

As patient safety and rights are given the utmost importance, Near East University Hospital provides services with its medical infrastructure, specialised teams and advanced technology predominantly to Turkish people living in North Cyprus and Turkey as well international individuals living in Cyprus,Turkey, England as well as many others from around the world.

Near East University Hospital possesses Laboratory (LIS) and Radiology systems (RIS) that are integrated into the hospital’s operating system (HIS), which allows authorized physicians to access laboratory results, images and physician diagnosis reports from a completely digitized environment.

Treatment of patients from abroad is coordinated by the “International Patient Coordination Centre” in Near East University Hospital. This centre handles the transportation, accommodation, travelling around the country and transfer plans of the patients and also ensures that communication is provided in the patient’s own language before helping them to recover and coordinating their safe return home.

As an innovative and pioneering institution, Near East University Hospital offers the latest technology (Rapid Arc Technology) in Cyprus with the only Radiotherapy Centre, PET/CT, Rapidarc and brachytherapy devices, PACS hardware, and laboratory facilities which allows all tests and references to be done as well as the only private air ambulance for patients.

Making a name for itself in international platforms in departments such as Cardiovascular Surgery, In Vitro Fertilisation, Gastroenterology, and Radiation Oncology, Near East University Hospital provides services in Orthopaedics, Plastic Surgery, Woman and Child Health, Geriatrics, Dermatology and Radiology and other branches as well as the Breast Health Centre and Athletes Health Centre.

Our hospital, in addition to our hospitals in Kyrenia and Yeniboğaziçi and the dispensaries in Bafra and Güzelyurt, serves patients from across the region and all over the world with the importance it attaches to public health.

A Stop Smoking Centre which follows the IQS (I QUIT SMOKING) methods as part of the international stop smoking network is also offered in our hospital.

Our hospital, which accepts patients from all around the world, places significant importance on public health and provides healthcare services to the local communities in Girne, Yeniboğaziçi, Güzelyurt, and Bafra in addition to Lefkoşa.

Near East University Hospital has been given many prestigious awards due to the value it assigns to medicine and human life, quality of service and exemplary performance and management.

Our hospital is accredited by TEMOS International, an accreditation organization based in Germany.


  • Europe Community Best Application Award, 2013, Vienna
  • Five Big Continents Quality and Excellency Award 2013, Geneva
  • ‘Quality in Corporate Development’ from the American Health Congress, 2013, Las Vegas
  • WORLDCOB Corporate Excellency Award, 2013, Dubai
  • International Socrates Award, 2013, Montreux
  • Best University Golden Award, 2013, Montreux
  • Quality and Management Prestige Golden Award, 2013, Rome
  • European International Arch Golden Award, 2014, Frankfurt
  • European Quality Award, 2014, Italy

The University of Kyrenia Dr. Suat Günsel Hospital, serving in the Kyrenia region, is the country's second most equipped hospital after Near East University Hospital. Near East University Hospital Yeniboğaziçi, which began to provide services on 15 November 2022, works in coordination with University of Kyrenia Dr. Suat Günsel Hospital and Near East University Hospital.

Prof. Dr. Salih Müjdat BALKAN
Chief Physician