Human Resources

About Us at Near East University Hospital

  • We know we are part of a big team and we act accordingly,
  • We believe in teamwork,
  • We take responsibility in everything we do,
  • We aim to improve our team mates and ourselves,
  • We value our patients and are sensitive towards them,
  • We see differences as opportunities and adapt,
  • We manage solutions, and are conclusion oriented.

Hiring Process
The hiring process starts with gathering applications from job adverts based on the desired characteristics according to the related departments’ requests.

The applicants that pass the first assessment performed by Human Resources and the head of the respective department who also fit the description and qualities for the job are invited for an interviewby theHuman Resources Department.

Suitable candidates are given a job offer after it is discussed with the Human Resources and the Hiring Committee.

For your applications;

Education and Development
Eliminating the need to seek medical help from outside of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, providing health services in accordance with international standards thanks to its distinguished staff and moving forward with the mission of educating well equipped individuals, Near East University Hospital is aware of the importance of Human Resources in fulfilling this mission.We offer courses and applied training for professional, technical and personal development to increase the worker’s proficiencies and we also help them adapt to the hospital culture in terms of orientation and progressing in the ever-developing medical world.

Wages Policy and Benefits
A fair salary system based on performance and qualities is operated at Near East University Hospital. All our employees and their relatives receive a discount on the services provided by our Group of Hospitals and Near East Education Institutions (primary, elementary, high school and undergraduate studies.