Campus Opportunities

Atatürk Culture and Congress Centre: Cultural activities such as plays, concerts and dance are carried out in the Atatürk Culture and Congress Centre on the Near East University campus and everyone who wants can benefit from the healing power of art.

Grand Library: A huge complex covering a15,000 m2 indoor area, with a 1,000,000 open shelf book capacity, over 150,000,000 electronic journals, 7,000 DVD’s, 17 film watching cabins,which brings world standards to our island. Everyone can benefit from this complex free of charge which is open 24 hours a day.

Banks: People are provided the opportunity to perform their banking transactions at domestic and international bank branches and ATMs located within walking distance of the residential area within the campus.

Herbarium Museum: The only scientific Herbarium Centre in our country, whichwas established with the aim of promoting the plant variety and contributing to research and teaching services, introduces its visitors to 5,200 plants endemic to the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.

Museums and Exhibition Halls: Aiming to add a new dimension to the cultural and artistic life of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the Communication Museum, the Art Museum, the Cyprus Car Museum and Herbarium Centre and exhibition halls in various faculties and the Near East University Hospital will make a lasting contribution to the cultural and artistic accumulation of the campus.

Günsel Car Factory: The Günsel electric car factory, which is the only domestic car of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, provides its visitors with test driving opportunities with their first edition cars.

Shops: In the shops located on the campus, products are available to meetall the basic needs.

Restaurants and Cafeterias: There are many restaurants and cafes on the campus, which offer local and international cuisines.

Dorana Residence: The Dorana Residence, which is 1 minute walk away from the hospital, provides its guests with home comforts with its A La Carte restaurant and hotel facilities and comfort with largebright rooms. The Dorana Residence, which provides patients and their relatives with accommodation, also crease a sense ofsecurity as it allows patients to be close to health services.

Sports Tower; The Sports Tower, which has a 5,600 m2 indoor area, hosts sports activities in many disciplines and offers healthy life opportunities to people of all ages, including nutrition and dietetics. In the tower, where special sections are also planned for children and women who want them, customized programs are also offered to individuals with special needs, accompanied by expert trainers.

Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool; With an area of 2,700 square meters, a height of 16 meters, dimensions 50 x 21 meters, a water volume of 3,100 tons, a central heating system, a spectator capacity of 1,000, 3, 5, 7 and 10 meter diving towers, modern interior facilities and quality Aqua Cafe, it is the first and only Olympic Indoor Swimming Pool of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus located on the Near East University campus.