Medical Oncology

The Near East University Hospital Medical Oncology Department treats all cancer patients with all that modern medicine has to offer. As well as treating cancer patients, it also provides cancer prevention, scanning and early diagnosis health services. The Medical Oncology Department of our Hospital covers all phases of treatment, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and multidisciplinary personalised treatments based on scientific data.

The cancer treatment method of chemotherapy used by the Medical Oncology Department treats the tumour with medication. Surgical and Radiotherapy treatments are also very parts of treatment for tumours. Chemotherapy either kills the tumour cells or prevents the tumour from growing any larger. Either one or multiple medications can be given to the patient.

The suitable chemotherapy method is chosen for each patient, depending on the type of tumour and the patient’s situation. The reason for performing chemotherapy is to try to completely destroy the tumour and help the patient recover, to prevent the tumour from growing or to reduce its speed of growth, to prevent the cancer from spreading and to reduce the symptoms.

There are also situations where chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy are all applied together or immediately after each other. The aim of this approach is to shrink the tumour before the operation or to prevent the tumour from spreading after the operation.

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