Internal Diseases

Internal medicine is discipline that applies to all clinical branches. Most of the problems of patients who present at health establishments are related to the internal diseases department. It covers many fields including: Upper and lower respiratory tract diseases, hypertension, stomach-intestinal system, kidney diseases, thyroid, diabetes, blood, oncology-cancer rheumatism diseases and many more. Additionally, the internal diseases department also covers outpatients, inpatients, emergency service and check-up services. The Near East University Hospital Internal Diseases Department, in addition to conducting check-ups and the necessary tests, performs treatmentsfor inpatients, conducts consultations, does pre-surgery preparations and necessary interventions.

Check-up and Preventative Medicine: as a preventative medicine service, our specialist doctors determine the risks that we may face, then give recommendationsin terms of which precautions should be taken The preventative medicine services available at our department include: Risk group HIV test, sexually transmitted diseases tests, blood pressure control, cholesterol control, diabetes test, thyroid function test, osteoporosis test, determination of obesity causes, and hepatitis test. The check-up services, which are an important part of preventative medicine services, are provided with personalised programs depending on the patient’s age, gender and disease risks.

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