Ear, Nose and Throat Head and Neck Surgery

The Department of Ear, Nose and Throat Head and Neck Surgery Diseases is comprised of 7 sub-departments. These are:

i. Head and Neck Surgery: The treatment of organs such as the mouth, tongue, palate, tonsils, salivary glands, nose and sinuses, nasal passage, pharynx,oesophagus, thyroid glands and eyes located in the head or neck region.
ii. Otology / Neurotology: This unit works with ear and inner ear diseases. Examples of diseases include those that affect the outer, middle, and inner ear, ear infections, hearing problems, tinnitus, dizziness and facial paralysis.
iii. Rhinology / Allergy: Mostly consists of diseases related to the nose and sinuses. For example, runny nose, clogged nose, nasal bone curvature, nasal polyp growths, nose related problems due to allergy, sinus infections, and nose bleeds.
iv. Paediatric ENT: Our department also covers children diseases. For example, congenital air way and laryngeal anomalies, pinnae and auditory canal anomalies, childhood nose blockages, mouth staying open during sleep, frequent upper respiratory tract infections, hearing loss, silent ear infections, or liquid accumulation in the middle ear.
v. Facial Plastic Reconstruction and Aesthetic Surgery: Any congenital problem or trauma caused by structural disorders or fractures related to the head and neck region are treated in our department. In addition, pinnae and deformities, eyelid, face wrinkles, ageing in the face and neck skin or other sags are covered in this department.
vi. Audiology &Vestibulogy: Any hearing loss caused by congenital disorders or trauma, dizziness, problems of imbalance and facial paralyses are conditions treated by this department. Medical, rehabilitation or surgical treatments are performed here for the patients.
vii. Phoniatry and Speech Disorders: Swallowing and voice production functions and diseases related to these functions are treated by this department. For example, hoarseness, decline in voice quality and changes, speech disorders, swallowing problems and reflux.

Polyclinic Services
Near East University Hospital Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck Surgery Department provides health services with its modern facilities and experienced staff.

It is possible to examine internal regions such as the nose, nasal cavity and larynx via endoscopic systems consisting of cameras of varying sizes, conduct ear examinations and minor surgeries with the help of otomicroscopy, and measure larynx functions with special voice analysis devices. We provide services to almost 10.000 patients each year.

Audiology Laboratory
All types of hearing tests, newborn hearing scans and middle ear function measurements can be performed in our Audiology Laboratory. Hearing function can be evaluated based on objective criteria by measuring the brain stem’s electrical potentials. Speech and tongue therapies are offered.

Diagnosis, monitoring and rehabilitation of any balance functions and problems of dizziness can be performed in our clinic.

Operating Theatre
It is possible to perform two surgeries simultaneously under anaesthesia as a result of the advanced technology in the operating theatres.Our department has conducted surgeries that have never previously been performed on the island. Extremely complicated and important cancer surgeries, ear microsurgeries and nose-paranasal sinus operations can be successfully performed. Many surgical interventions in the field of ENT can be successfully performed in our department. We provide surgical services to almost 500 patients each year.

Intensive Care Units and Inpatient Services:
Equipped with the latest technology and modern devices, we are offering treatment and care services in our Intensive Care units as well as inpatient wards. With each room designed for a single patient, the comfort and monitoring of our patients are assured by our experienced staff in our inpatient wards.

Policlinic Area
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Department of Polyclinics
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