Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is a condition which can be caused by many reasons and can be treated.Erosion of the enamel, tooth decay, inflamed gums other reasons such as these can cause tooth pain.Usually mild tooth pain is ignored and does not lead to a visit with a dentist until it becomes unbearable.This causes tooth and gum diseases to advance.

Tooth pain is very uncomfortable and is usually encountered as a throbbing.The pain can get worse until it becomes unbearable.A person with a tooth Pain become sensitive towards heat and cold and feel pain when pressure is applied.The tooth can chip off.

What can cause tooth pain?

  • Tooth decays (decays can cause tooth and gum pain depending on their positions.)
  • Bone loss in teeth (can cause pain while chewing.)
  • Gum inflammation (causes a burning sensation and pain.)
  • Incorrect prostheses, too high fillings.
  • Grinding teeth (usually appears as a pain coming from the core.The pain appears in the morning since the clenching happens at night.)
  • Root canal (can cause pain even after treatment.)
  • Flu infections which reduce the resistance of the body or sinusitis becoming active (the pain is usually in the upper jaw around the molar teeth.)

During menstruation for women.