Temporary Ischemic Attack

Temporary ischemic attack is not a harmless condition to be ignored.It can be an indication of incoming stroke.

What are the symptoms of temporary ischemic attack?

  • Loss of vision:Can be on one or both sides.
  • Seeing double:It is defined as seeing double or blurry.
  • Dizziness:The patients feels like their head is spinning instead of feeling bizarre.
  • Swallowing difficulty:When difficulty swallowing is very prominent, there is a possibility of liquids or foods getting stuck in respiratory tract (aspiration).
  • Weakness:Weakness on one side or both sides of arms and or legs.Facial paralysis can be enounctered.
  • Sensory disorder:Can be encountered on one or both sides.A sensation of numbness or burning occurs on the face, arms, legs or the body.
  • Speaking difficulty:  Can be difficulty in remembering words, articulating or understanding speech.
  • Coordination problem:Lack of coordination in arms, legs or body.The patient can stumble or fall while walking or standing.
  • Behavioural disorder:It manifests as the patient not showing a reaction or behaving strangely towards conversation.
  • Excessive sleeping can be observed.
  • Agitation or psychosis can be encountered.

Cases where the aforementioned symptoms are seen for a few seconds or last upto 48 hours are called temporary ischemic attacks.