Swelling and Pain in Joints and Bones

Joint swelling is a condition which can be caused by many things.This condition can happen to a person of any age and causes the body to lose its shape.

Joint is an organ with the purpose of joining two bones and can be divided into two types as moving and unmoving.Generally joint swelling happens in parts of the body with moving joints.Therefore it is most common in kneecaps, ankles, arms, wrists, neck and shoulders.

The swelling related to the inflammation in the tissues inside and around the join is a result of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis and trauma.

Painful or painless swelling related to osteoid osteoma, enchondroma and tumour formation can occur in bones and joints.

Joint swelling usually occurs in the soft tissues located in joints.These tissues are not quite bones.Therefore conditions like small hits, strains or infections are very effective on these tissues.Swelling which occurs during joint swelling is caused by accumilation of liquid in these tisues and can cause severe pain.