Quick Bruising

If you are someone who does not bruise easily however, you are discovering bruises all over your body, if you are now bruising easily, experiencing bleeding of gums and nose, extreme menstrual bleeding, excessive bleeding after simple traumas, if bruises are appearing on feces along with blood, these situations may be signs of blood disorders.You need to consult with a physician immediately.

However some people (18%) more easily than the average person due to some genetic features which affect the reaction of the body to certain things.Fragile veins, low thrombocyte count, clotting and other drawbacks are included as well.

Anti inflammatory medicine like aspirin and ibuprofen can also affect bruising.These medications can affect clotting and closing of veins; therefore, when you hit something there might be bleeding and bruising under your skin.Some other medicine like Vitamin E, ginko biloba and birth control pills.

Steroids can also affect vein health and strength.People who has a genetic disposition to bruising are affected the most by steroids.

Vitamin C deficiency affect the strength of veins.This is why there are black and blue bruises all over people with scurvy disease.

If you are not consuming the right amount of protein that your body needs, the vein health and collogen in your skin will be negatively affected.Collogen exists all over your body; because it helps the skin’s structure, firmness and elasticity.The firmer your skin gets, the more you are protected from bruises.

Alcohol thins out your blood, increasing the risk of bruising.This is why you should not drink alcohol after surgeries, exercise and sports.Consuming extreme amounts of alcohol can affect organs which produce thrombocyte like the liver, bone marrow or the spleen badly. Thrombocyte, is quite necessary for blood circulation and the clotting process.