Suffering from severe upper stomach pain for a time, TRNC Transport Minister Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu admitted to the Near East University Hospital at about 18:30 on March 7, 2016. Considering that severe upper stomach pain might be associated with a possible heart attack, all required tests and procedures were carried out and in the line with the result of the tests, a coronary angiography was applied. NEU Hospital cardiovascular team decided for an urgent bypass surgery after detecting four severely obstructed coronary arteries. After undergoing a successful bypass surgery and receiving medication and care at NEU Hospital for about 15 days, Mr. Ertuğruloğlu has been discharged today.

Following the coronary artery bypass surgery, NEU Hospital had held a press conference and announced that the Transport Minister Ertuğruloğlu was in good health. Addressing to the press members, Prof. Dr. İlhan Sanisoğlu, Head of Cardiovascular Surgery Department, had delivered information concerning the case. He had stated that they decided for an urgent bypass surgery because they had detected 90% obstruction in patient’s left main coronary artery, which required two bypasses, and 90% obstruction in two right coronary arteries. He had also underlined that the patient’s cardiac contraction was also highly deteriorated.

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He recovered within a short time

According to the press info released by Near East University Hospital today, Prof. Dr. Hamza Duygu, Head of Cardiology Department, examined TRNC Transport Minister Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu, who had undergone a quadruple bypass surgery, a week after the surgery and performed an echocardiography to calculate his cardiac output and diastolic function. As Mr. Ertuğruloğlu was in good health and his cardiac contraction was up to 40%, he was discharged.

According to the press info, he will be able to return his daily activities, after resting at home for several weeks.