According to a joint statement made by the Near East University and Kyrenia University Hospitals, both university hospitals will continue their servieces uninterrupted 24 hours a day during the Feast of the Sacrifice.

Radiology Center, Laboratories, Cardiac Center, 153 EMERGENCY Srvice will Provide Uninterrupted Service
In order to avoid encountering any difficulties, new regulations were also made in order to carry out services in emergency departments such as laboratories, imaging services such as MR, tomography, ultrasound, X-ray, Cardiac Center, Radiotherapy and all branches that require continuous treatment.

153 Emergency will continue to serve 24/7 as always throughout the island
In case of any emergency situations such as illness, injury or so on, the 153 Emergency ambulances will be accessible from everywhere throughout the island.

Emergency and remote treatment facilities will continue to be provided in emergency departments of both hospitals. Emergency medical services will be provided uninterrupted by emergency specialists during the holiday period as conducted on other days.