Get rid of cataract in 30 minutes!

Surgery is the only treatment method for cataract, which is seen especially after middle age and seriously impairs the quality of life. Near East University Eye Diseases Specialist Dr. Cahit Burke says that with the developing technology, it is possible to get rid of cataracts with a half-hour surgery.

It is possible to get rid of cataract, which stands out as the most important cause of vision loss in the middle-aged, with an operation that takes half an hour. Cataract, which occurs with complaints such as decrease in vision quality and paleness in colors and impairs the daily life quality of the person, occurs when the normally transparent natural lens of the eye loses its transparency, becomes blurred and takes on an opaque-whitish appearance.

Near East University Ophthalmology Specialist Dr. Cahit Burke says that 90 percent of cataract patients are 60 years or older. However, it can still be seen in all age groups. Dr. Burke says that congenital cataracts can also be seen in newborn babies and states that cataracts can also be seen in children, young people and middle-aged people.

Symptoms often appear with age
The symptoms of cataract, which is caused by deterioration in the lens of the eye, appear more with the advancement of age. Dr. Cahit Burke says that these symptoms may not show any symptoms even in the initial period. The clouding of the lens of the eye increases day by day, and this is often noticed by other people. Commonly, the vision is unclear, blurry, smoky and hazy. Cataract may cause colors to become paler and less sharp. Reading newspapers and books, watching television and driving becomes more difficult. Rarely, double vision can occur, or a halo can be seen in the dark around strong light sources such as a streetlight or a car headlight.

The only option is surgery
Emphasizing that the only option to completely get rid of cataracts is surgical intervention, Dr. Cahit Burke said “In the early stages of cataract, the complaints that occur during daily work can be temporarily eliminated with the use of glasses. However, in advanced cataract cases, surgery is the only option.

Reminding that cataract surgery is performed easily and quickly with the developing technology, Dr. Burke said, “In the surgery, the natural lens of the eye is removed and replaced with an artificial lens. We remove the cloudy lens of the eye through a small tunnel incision by numbing the eye area, mostly with local anesthesia. Then, by placing a high-quality artificial monofocal (single-focus) or multifocal (multifocal) lens into the eye, we enable the patient to regain their vision. Stating that the operation took about half an hour, Dr. Burke said “With the cataract operations we performed at the Near East University Hospital with the latest technology, patients can return to their normal lives by using their eyes from the very first day.”

You can reduce the risk of cataracts!
It is not possible to completely prevent cataract formation, but the risks can be reduced by:

  • Protecting the eyes from sunlight and not looking directly at the sun
  • Quitting smoking
  • A healthy and balanced diet
  • Keeping diabetes under control