Genital Warts (Condyloma)

Genital warts, is a sexually transmitted viral infection caused by Human Papilloma virus (HPV). This virus (HPV) causes males to have warts on their penises and on their vulvas for women.Some types of the virus can result in changes in tissue texture in cervix and cause cervical cancer.

It frequently appears after unprotected sex with previously infected partner.

The chance of appearance for genital warts in the society is 1-2%. It is most frequently seen at peak sexual ages, between 18-25.

Creams used in its treatment are not nearly as effective as burning the warts or removing them surgically.The chance of relapse (recurring) for treated patients is 30%.

It is not clear how HPV virus spreads other than sexually.To procted yourself from the warts in the outter genitals, one should avoid infected materials from contacting the region and epilation materials must not be used mutually.Using condoms can protect the cervix however, it cannot protect the outter genital region.Non sexually transmitting includes unsterilised waxing materials in wax salons, shaving razors used on genital region, tattooing and piercing materials, unhygienic toilets.

The virus penetrates the body through the damaged skin due to rubbing.

Using condoms may reduce the spread of HPV by a small amount however, they cannot fully protect the person from wart infections.

HPV transmitted sexually remains in the body as a latent infection for a while.This time can be between weeks and years. Another possibility is that the person shows no symptoms after being infected by HPV.

Warts which appear because of HPV infection appear to be clustered and have a cauliflower-like texture.Clustered genital warts are called “Condylom” or “Condyloma Accumulata”.

Virgin women can also have genital warts.Microscopically damaged skin in the genital region is enough for the virus to enter the body.