Genital (Vaginal) Itching

Vaginal itching can be caused by various reasons.The most important reasons are misuse of antibiotics and birth control pills or conditions which weaken the immune system.These kill the beneficial bacteria in the vagina and create an environment for malicious bacteria and fungi.

Itching is generally caused by an infection of fungi.These type of fungi infections are called “Candida Albicans” in medical literature.

Although vaginal fungi is a disease which mostly affects woman, it can sexually transmit to men.

Vaginal itching can be experienced during nursing and menopause.

Nylon underwear can cause sweating and provide a good environment for bacteria and fungi to reproduce in the vaginal region.Cotton underwear should be preferred.Hormonal changes during menopause is an invitation for fungi.Weakened immune systems are suitable for fungal infection.Vaginal itching can be encountered during monthly menstruation cycle.Frequent vaginal washing can alter the pH balance and cause fungal infection and vaginal itching.