Frequent Menstruation (Polymenorrhea)

Early menstrual bleeding and menstruation repeating in a shorter period than 21 days is called frequent menstruation.

Frequent menstruation may be a indication of other diseases.Diseases such as polypes and myoma.Hormonal imbalance may be a reason for frequent menstruation.Mental states might also affect biological structure of women.Stress and some life problems may cause early menstruation.Another common disease so women is thyrocele disease.Thyrocele disease can affect the hormones of women thus it can lead to menstrual changes.

The menstrual frequency for girls who have had their first menstruation cannot be pin pointed exactly.This is because the ovaries may not be working regularly.There is a possibility of frequent menstruation during this period as well.

Menstruation requires a special order.For this reason, any change in order requires a doctor’s examination.

Changes in menstruation order can be caused by simple reasons.Ignoring them might sometimes result in death.

Women of all age groups must be examined each year regardless of having complaints.