Oral and Dental Health

Near East University Dental Hospital has eight departments providing oral and dental health services.

Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology Department
Panoramic radiography, periapical radiography, occlusal radiography and cephalometric radiographs are used to assist in the examinations in our clinic.

In addition, if necessary, early diagnosis of intraoral lesions, 3-dimensional evaluation of the existing bone structure in the implanted location, the root of the impacted wisdom teeth in the upper jaw sinus and mandible in the lower jaw through the vessels and nerves through the assessment of possible bleeding, and in order to eliminate the risks such as numbness due to nerve damage, conical beam computed tomography is used.

Periodontology Department
Periodontology is the department that gives information about the clinical and microscopic structure of the hard and soft tissues surrounding the teeth, the diseases that affect these tissues and their treatments and application of these treatments.

Gingival bleeding is the first symptom of periodontal diseases that are common in the community. The gums become red, swollen and shiny. Along with these symptoms, bad breath, bleeding in the gums, itching sensation, and tenderness can also be seen. Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease caused by the destruction of the teeth and supporting tissues. The main cause of periodontitis is bacterial plaque and it can be treated mechanically. In addition, systematic, genetic and environmental factors also contribute to the development of the disease. Periodontal diseases can affect people of different ages. Often, the disease can progress insidiously without causing any complaints. The main purpose of periodontal treatment is to saving seemingly unhealthy teeth. Different treatments are applied according to the type of disease. These can be summarized as oral hygiene education, dental calculus cleaning, root surface flattening in advanced cases and surgical operations.

Restorative Dentistry Department
In the restorative dentistry clinic, in addition to preventive caries treatments,the treatment of teeth that have been damaged due to trauma and abrasion is performed by using the latest techniques and materials. The main objective is to maintain the physiological integrity of the teeth in a harmonious relationship with neighbouring hard and soft tissues during treatment.

The shape and position of the teeth are important for functionality and aesthetics. In our clinic, aesthetic (cosmetic) dentistry, tooth colour restorations and tooth whitening treatments are carried out with care to protect healthy tooth tissues. It is known that tooth colour is as important for an individual's self-confidence as well as for an aesthetic appearance. Whitening treatments for teeth with colour changes are applied in our clinic.

Endodontics Department
Endodontic treatment (also known as root canal treatment) has wide clinical applications such as endodontic surgery, and the treatment of fractured or traumatized teeth. Root canal treatment is one of the most common treatments in dentistry. It is possible to recover the tooth pulp (composed of a dense connective tissue containing nerve, vascular and lymphatic elements) that has been damaged for various reasons by root canal treatment.

Although the treatment concept consists of three stages, some treatments may be completed in a single session, while others may require multiple appointments. The degree of infection of the tooth and the difficulty of the case are important parameters which determine the duration of treatment. It has a very high success rate when performed with the right techniques under the right conditions.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department
Oral and maxillofacial surgery is an area of expertise aiming to increase the quality of life of patients by providing aesthetic and functional integrity of soft and hard tissue,treating diseases, injuries and defects related to mouth, teeth, jaw and face.

In our clinic, congenital or developmental jaw-face deformities, jaw-face traumas, infections and cancers are treated. In addition to the procedures that require special expertise, general treatments such as the extraction of enlarged and impacted teeth, laser surgery, cyst tumour surgeries and treatment of jaw joint disorders are also performed. Additionally, cosmetic surgery, bone grafts and particularly dental implants are among the most commonly used applications in our clinics for providing function and aesthetics.

Prosthodontics Department
Prosthodontic treatment includes applications for the loss of function of the teeth and adjacent tissues as a result of various reasons. These functions concern chewing, speaking and aesthetics.

In our clinic, there are applications for almost every age group.

Our field makes use of developing technologies, materials and innovations in many ways. In other words, nanotechnology, which is a necessity of the space age, takes advantage of all the possibilities of computer-aided digital technology.

Based on the advances in implantology, the most effective approach to the most serious maxillofacial defects is possible in our department.

In the paediatric clinic, all kinds of dental treatments and preservative applications for infants, children and adolescents are provided, as well as oral dental health services for children requiring special attention. In our clinic, children with physical and mental disabilities are offered behavioural control, conscious sedation and preventive and conservative treatments. In small children who have high anxiety levels, who are disabled or unable to communicate, all procedures from general anaesthesia to the treatment of decayed teeth and preventive treatments are performed in a single session, thus preventing discomfort for both the family and the child during the treatment period. In addition, in our clinic, trainings related to oral health of children are also provided for the prospective mothers.

Orthodontics Department
In the Orthodontics Department, treatment and the normal course of developmental disorders that occur in teeth, jaws and face, as well as bite and jaw problems of teeth are treated. It also deals with speech problems, syndromes and cleft lip and palate. Orthodontics corrects existing disorders by using brackets and arc wires, which are glued to the teeth, and cause no pain in the mouth.

In the second session after your first detailed examination and collection of the necessary data in the orthodontics department, special treatment alternatives are determined for you by your doctor. In this way, the treatment options are selected specifically for you and the right method is chosen.

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Teeth Whitening

Dental Implants at the Near East University Dental Hospital

All-inclusive healthcare at international standards

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Teeth Whitening at Near East University Dental Hospital

All-inclusive healthcare at international standards

How about having a whiter smile?

Teeth Whitening Procedure at the Near East University Dental Hospital

This is possible at the Near East University Dental Hospital! With the Teeth Whitening application carried out by our specialist dentists, you will shine with a more attention-grabbing smile.

Through this method, which provides a whiter colour to discoloured normal teeth that have lost their whiteness due to various external factors, a whitening process up to 9-10 shades can be performed without any damage to the teeth.

Teeth whitening is a form of dentistry and should only be carried out by a specialist dentist. Contact us to get information about Teeth Whitening or to request an appointment!

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers at the Near East University Dental Hospital

All-inclusive healthcare at international standards

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Dental Veneers at the Near East University Dental Hospital

All-inclusive healthcare at international standards

For a whiter, more attractive and more aesthetic smile, you can choose the Dental Veneer operation.

Dental Veneer Procedure at the Near East University Dental Hospital

You can improve the appearance of your teeth with this method, which is generally used for teeth with discoloration or structural defects. Zirconium, which is a material with a colour, transparency, and durability close to natural teeth, is one of the most widely used materials in dental veneer.

Contact us to request an appointment with the specialist dentists of the Near East University Dental Hospital and to have a more beautiful natural-looking smile.


Gülüşünüz eksik kalmasın!

Tam ve ağız dolusu bir gülümseyişe sahip olmak için dental implantlara başvurabilirsiniz.

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Dental Implants at the Near East University Dental Hospital

All-inclusive healthcare at international standards

Don’t lose your smile!

Dental Implants at the Near East University Dental Hospital

You can apply for dental implants to have a full and straight smile!

Implant treatment, which is a method that can be applied easily even in patients with one or more missing teeth or no teeth in their mouth, is successfully performed at the Near East University Dental Hospital.

After the operations performed by our dentists and prosthodontists specialized in implant and aesthetic dentistry, you will experience your happiness to the fullest, you will be able to eat and drink comfortably and you will get rid of the image you are uncomfortable with.

Contact us to get detailed information about implant treatment or to request an appointment!

Dental Prosthesis

Dental Prosthesis at the Near East University Dental Hospital

All-inclusive healthcare at international standards

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Dental Prosthesis at the Near East University Dental Hospital

All-inclusive healthcare at international standards

With dental prosthesis applications, you can have stronger and healthier teeth; you can start welcoming people with a more aesthetic and beautiful smile than before.

Dental Prosthesis Procedure at the Near East University Dental Hospital

A dental prosthesis is a dental appliance which can be removable or permanently fixed in your mouth. One of these two methods is applied to replace a missing tooth or missing teeth or cover up teeth defects in accordance with the patient’s preference and anatomical structure of the mouth/teeth.

Fixed prostheses are cemented prostheses that the patient cannot remove him/herself. Removable dentures, on the other hand, are a dental prosthesis method that can be applied to both patients who do not have any teeth in their mouths and to patients with some missing teeth in their mouths.

If you want to have healthier and more beautiful natural-looking teeth and smile, you can request an appointment from the Near East University Dental Hospital.

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