Geriatrics is a branch of science that aims to help people preserve their health in their later years prevent diseases, to make sure they can live their lives without being isolated from the society as well as versatile evaluations for treatments.

The Near East University Hospital Geriatrics Department was founded with the aim of providing assistance to the elderly, be it through preventive methods or treatment. In our service, expert physicians, nurses, social service experts, physiotherapists, nutritionists and psychologists aim to provide a peaceful and enjoyable environment in which elderly individuals can live with people of similar ages without being isolated from life. In addition, we work closely with the relatives of individuals who cannot decide for themselves or know themselves and consider them as members of our team.

Before being admitted, the patients are examined for hypertension, coronary heart disease, cardiovascular diseases and risk factors, chronic lung diseases, diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol, general health check-ups and correct medical usage.

The following items are found in a geriatric patient’s room;
1 hospital bed and hospital food table, 1 caretaker bed, armchair, TV, personal bath & wc., wardrobe, rack, air conditioner, additional services include collective activities outside the room, TV watching room and sitting lounges.

Geriatric Department Services;
Daily bed cleaning, sheet changes, 3 meals, baths, laundry services, doctor visitations and check-ups, caretaker services, and 24-hour caretaker supervision. Also, group therapies are conducted monthly by the psychologists in our hospital.

Policlinic Area
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