Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases

The endocrine system, which consists of internal secretory glands, carries out hormone synthesis and secretion functions in our bodies. Hormones that control various activities in our body, especially reproduction, metabolism, growth and development, also control our environmental reactions and help to provide the appropriate amount of energy and nutrients necessary for our body's functions. A lack of or excess hormones secreted by the internal secretion glands as well as tumours of these glands are also the subjects of endocrinology. The secretory glands that make up the endocrine system are the cells lining the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, pancreas, ovaries, adrenal gland, adipose tissue and the inner walls of the veins.

Diseases of the Department of Endocrinology

  • Diabetes
  • Goiter and thyroid gland diseases
  • Obesity
  • Hypertension
  • Pituitary gland diseases
  • Adrenal gland diseases
  • Hair growth and menstrual irregularities
  • Sexual development disorders
  • Osteoporosis and other metabolic bone diseases
  • High cholesterol and lipid metabolism diseases
  • Growth and developmental delay (short stature)
  • Glandular tumours (thyroid cancer, pituitary and pancreatic tumours, etc.)
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