Constipation means that the intestine functions are not normal. Actually constipation is not a disease, it is a symptom that can develop depending on various conditions.

Intestine functions normally differ from person to person. As one person may defecate three times a day, another person may defecate three times a week. Everyone has a unique order for defecation. For example, defecation thrice a day and once in three days are accepted as normal. Therefore, if an individual, who has defecated twice a day for years and suddenly started to defecate once in two days, defecation in once in two days, although it is within the normal range, it is considered as a symptom of a serious problem.

Some people consider constipation as difficult to defecation or stiff stool. This is a wrong belief.

Constipation is a very common condition all around the world. There are difficulties in determining objective criteria for the definition of constipation and specific criteria are specified for the international meetings (Rome criteria). It is decided that the at least two of the following criteria must continue at least for 12 weeks in a year (it does not have to be respective weeks), in order to consider the condition as constipation.


– Straining During Defecation

The patient needs to strain for more than 25% of the defecations.

– Piece by Piece or Stiff Defecation

The patient defecates piece by piece or stiff  for more than 25% of the defecations.

– Not Feeling Completely Empty

Not feeling completely empty for the 25% of the defecations

– Blocked (occlusion) Feeling During Defecation

Feeling blocked for the 25% of the defecations.

– Supporting During Defecation

Supporting the pelvic floor while defecating with fingers or hand for the 25% of the defecations.

– Defecating Twice or Less A Week

Real constipation has two reasons.  One of them is that the density of the stool is very stiff and the other is that the patient has difficulty removing the stool from the anus. The majority constipations that are caused by the first cause are monitored and treated in Gastroenterology and majority of the second group is needs operations and treatments of Colorectal Surgery.