IQS is an international network that helps people stop smoking. IQS is used in 35 countries and it is natural without any side effects. This procedure helps smoking addicts quit in a quick, painless manner and is proven to be 90% successful. The IQS programme lasts for 6 months and is done through the patented R.I.S.E. (Reflection Instrument Scanning Electropulse) device, along with patient specific support, follow-up and private consulting.

A personal chip card is prepared for each person in the IQS system. The intensity and duration of your treatment on these cards is based on your age, duration and the method of smoking. Beta endorphin hormone is secreted by sending electromagnetic waves to the brain through the ear. Endorphin secretion is increased over 3 days and lasts up to 15 days. Individuals can receive up to 5 sessions over 6 months; physical addiction ends in 15 days, while the psychological addiction takes between 3 to 6 months to be resolved. The success rate of closing nicotine receptors is 70% in the first session and 90% in the 2nd. The device blocks the cells that multiply due to nicotine and make the body secrete beta endorphin. The person does not feel the need for nicotine when the cells are blocked. A non-smoking person’s body would secrete hormones to fight these feelings when the person encounters worrying events. These hormones are not secreted in smoking people, thus leading to the craving for nicotine. The system enables the person to adapt to life without nicotine, causing them to be lively, energetic, fit and happy.

This service is provided by specialised psychologists to those who apply to IQS. You too can start a new life without smoking with IQS.

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