Heart Transplant Centre

Turkish Cypriot citizens with End-Stage Heart Failure do not have the possibility of having a heart transplant, even in Turkey; however, Near East University Hospital Heart Transplant Centre is now offering this service.
Operating at global standards, Near East University Hospital Heart Transplant Centre adheres to al laws regulating human cell, tissue and organ transplants. Heart transplants for patients with end-stage heart failure can have heart transplant surgeries given that a compatible donor can be found.

Providing high-quality health services in accordance with world standards through a multidisciplinary approach since its foundation on 20th July 2010, Near East University Hospital carries out transplant procedures in accordance with TRNC Organ Transplant laws.

Near East University Hospital is the first and only hospital to be certified for Heart Transplants in the TRNC. As one of the foremost centres for Heart Transplant referrals in the TRNC, Near East University Hospital has a vastly experienced team specialised in tissue and organ transplants. A multidisciplinary approach is adopted for Cardiac Insufficiency diagnosis and treatment.

The Heart Transplant team includes heart transplant surgeons and cardiologists, chest diseases, psychiatry, pathologists, anaesthetists, infectious diseases and intensive care unit specialists as well as organ transplant nurses, physiotherapists and dieticians, who collaborate to provide high-quality services.
Patients examined and considered suitable for heart transplant by the Heart Transplant Centre council are put on the heart transplant waiting list, and the lists are periodically reported to the TRNC Ministry of Health Coordination Committee. All patients reported to the TRNC Ministry of Health Coordination Committee are also registered on an international database.

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