Cardiac Insufficiency Centre

The “Advanced Cardiac Insufficiency Centre” was founded by Near East University Hospital in cooperation with Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Hospital to provide health services to all patients with advanced cardiac insufficiency as well as to raise public awareness and offer complete treatment opportunities.

The lifetime examination and follow-ups of patients who are diagnosed with Advanced Cardiac Insufficiency by the specialists in the Advanced Heart Insufficiency Centre are compensated by the Dr. Suat Günsel Foundation.

Cardiac Insufficiency is a global public problem and remains the number one cause of death in our country as well. Regular follow-ups and medication treatments are given to patients with Advanced Heart Insufficiency in order to increase their quality and duration of life.

In order to prevent the patient’s condition from worsening, the Advanced Heart Insufficiency Centre allows the patient to have regular and detailed check-ups with their physician as well as guidance on how they can change their lifestyle.

The aim is to prevent patients from needing a transplant by considering them for additional surgical interventions such as heart valve and cardiovascular surgeries along with medication treatment in the Advanced Heart Insufficiency Centre where they can be monitored regularly free of charge.

Policlinic Area
2. FloorEastern Block
Department of Polyclinics
Opening Hours
Monday - Friday8:00 - 17:00

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