Cancer Centre

Gold Standard Medical Oncology, Oncological Surgery and Radiation Oncology Services are provided at Cyprus’s first fully equipped Cancer Centre at the Near East University Hospital, which comprises extensive technological facilities and physicians from all departments
In the Cancer Centre, where our technological facilities and strong academic team come together for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, the treatment methods applied to patients are determined by multidisciplinary approaches selected by the board of doctors.

The radiology unit is equipped with high-end devices such as MRI, tomography and ultrasound at the Cancer Centre including the Rapidarc and Brachytherapy devices used in radiation oncology, which reduce the size of the tumour effectively without harming the surrounding tissues. There is are only a limited number of this device around in the world and the only one in Cyprus can be found at Near East University Hospital. Additionally, the PET/CT device, which is only available in Cyprus at the Near East University Hospital, helps to provide personalised, targeted, and innovative treatment methods.

Medical Oncology polyclinic doctor examination costs are provided at the oncology polyclinic by the Near East University Hospital, which is fully equipped with the necessary technological devices used by our specialist team to diagnose and treat cancer, which is increasing in our country and around the world.

Additionally, with the collaboration of the Near East University Hospital and the TRNC Ministry of Health and Cancer Support Charity, the TRNC national oncology patients residing in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus can have their chemotherapy treatments at the Near East University Hospital with the condition that they request and obtain their medication from the TRNC Ministry of Health regardless of whether the diagnosis has been made a state hospital or a private hospital.

Policlinic Area
2. FloorEastern Block
Department of Polyclinics
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Monday - Friday8:00 - 17:00

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