Blood Vessel of the Leg Becoming More Distinct and Vascular Occlusion

Blood vessels of the leg becoming more distinct is one of the most common problems all over the world and is called varicosis, also known as the problem of swelling blood vessels.Varicosis on the leg might be an indication of a clotting disorder. The disease is put into two groups called vena swelling and capillary swelling.It can occur in any veins however, it is most common on legs.This is related to the amount of pressure and the weight of our bodies directly reflecting on our veins on our legs.While capillary vein problem is only considered a cosmetic problem, vena swelling is a serious disease which must be treated.

In many patients thick varixes can be observed when examined by a cardiovascular surgery specialist.Negligence is most probably the cause for this.Vein swelling is a very conspicuous disease.Besides aesthetically bad looking, when it advances, it might cause pain, cramps, itching bleeding and colour change of the skin.When these symptoms start to show, a cardiovascular surgery specialist must be consulted for examination instead of waiting for it to heal all by itself.

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