The ReLEx SMILE Laser Technology, which is a bladeless, painless, comfortable method featuring a shorter recovery period, is now athe Hospital of Near East University. The ReLEx SMILE Laser Technology is an advanced level minimally-invasive treatment method that can even be used on patients suffering from eye dryness (xerophthalmia) and have very thin cornea, or suffer from visual disorders such as very low myopic and astigmatism.

The ReLEx SMILE Laser Technology available at Hospital of Near East University at the same time with exclusive clinics of the world!

The ReLEx SMILE Laser Technology, which is the very latest eye surgery technique in use only at a few health centres in Turkey and at some exclusive health centres in the world, is a fast, reliable, precise, bladeless, painless, risk-free and comfortable treatment method used to treat vision disorders.

Preliminary Examination before ReLEx SMILE Laser

Laser operations are assessed in terms of the eye and health condition of the patient through a preliminary health examination. Depending on the findings and health condition of the patient, laser operation is practiced if the patient’s general condition is found to be operable.

Eye treatment within 22 seconds only!

The whole treatment process is carried out within a single stage lasting only 3-4 minutes. The technology is expressed to be minimally invasive and to be flapless surgery enabling lenticule and a small incision of 2 – 4 mm is created inside the intact cornea, enabling an 80 % smaller side-cut as compared to a LASIK flap. Furthermore, 30 % less cap cut is needed. As there is no need for a flap, the healing time of the patients is expressed to be faster than the conventional LASIK. The vision is 80% better instantly after the operation and reaches 100% within a few days.


Treatment of Myopia -10 and Astigmatism up to +/- 5…

ReLEx represents the beginning of a new era in refractive surgery, on the grounds of its significant advantages in terms of the patient’s comfort, since there is no need to pass from one instrument to another – as in the LASIK procedure – there is no need for the patient to change their position. This is the main reason why the procedure only takes a few minutes. Furthermore, ReLEx helps to preserve the cornea biomechanics thus leading to results most concordant with the natural structure of the eye, treating myopia up to -10 and astigmatism of +/- 5.


Advantages of ReLEx SMILE Laser Treatment

  • Bladeless laser technology
  • Treatment within 22 seconds (fastest laser technology500 kHz)
  • Ease of incisionless operation
  • Superior protection of corneal biomechanics
  • Opportunity to apply in thin corneas
  • Opportunity to apply in patients suffering from eye dryness
  • No risk of displacement or shift of the valve
  • Silent and odorless treatment
  • Comfort provided during and after treatment
  • Quick and safe recovery
  • Closest results to the natural structure of the eye

Precautions to be taken after treatment;
For the first couple of hours, a slight stinging sensation for a few hours and watering complaint is normal.
After treatment, the drops should be used carefully and in accordance with the prescriptions given by the doctors.
For the first 24 hours, protecting the eye carefully and avoiding touching it and avoiding taking bath is an important detail. After 24 hours, you can return to your normal life.
• After the treatment, it is beneficial to go to the doctor on regular intervals.
To prevent infection, the patient should not swim in the pool or sea for about 20 days.

No Need To Travel Abroad For Laser Vision Correctıon Anymore!
With the ReLEx SMILE Laser Technology provided by the Hospital of Near East University, the patients will no longer need to travel abroad for their eye treatments and get the opportunity to receive their eye treatment through the use of the latest technology available at the Hospital of Near East University in Northern Cyprus.