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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Centre


In Vitro Fertilization Centre (IVF) of Hospital of Near East University completing all its infrastructure, started to accept patients in the first days of 2014 and first pregnancy news have already been released. The medical team of the IVF Centre, which is offering IVF services at the most advanced international standards, is involving highly experienced subject specialists. The IVF Centre follows a multidisciplinary policy and works in cooperation with other relevant departments such as the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Embryology – Tissue and Genetic Labs, and Department of Medical Genetics.

IVF is a medical field that has made very rapid progress within the last 30 years. Thus, the scientific infrastructure, background and experience of the subject specialists is very important in carrying out the applications on this subject. As the Hospital of Near East University, we are proud to have an experienced team  of subject specialists who unite their experiences and potentials and follow the every single development on this subject.



In this centre, all sort of assisted reproduction treatments within the scope of infertility treatment such as intrauterine semination (inoculation) and in vitro fertilization with medicine or without medicine, including microinjection as well as preimplantation, genetic diagnosis and blastocyst transfers are carried out. Besides, the individuals seeking for IVF treatment are assessed with all their medical history and they go through a thorough process of evaluation regarding the systemic diseases as this is vitally important for the success of the IVF treatment.

The  IVF Centre, established as part of a top level university hospital, is entirely dedicated to ethics, laws and patients rights as well as providing a fully patient friendly environment where patients feel every kind of reliability and confidence.

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