Being dedicated to the ensuring excellence in public health, Near East University Hospital continues to offer safe, comfortable and affordable healthcare services in all medical domains by using the latest technological devices available only in rare centers across the globe. Once again, Near East University Hospital is proud of being the first and only hospital in Cyprus to offer a novel method of tonsillectomy using the Thermal Welding System (TWS).

Underlining that Thermal Welding System is available only in Near East University Hospital in our country, Prof. Dr. Ferhat Erişir, Head of Otolaryngology, delivered information on thermal welding tonsillectomy. “Tonsillectomy often makes parents anxious and worried. Taking their concerns into consideration, Near East University brings thermal welding tonsillectomy into their service. Thermal welding is a new and safe surgical technique for tonsillectomy as it results in significantly less postoperative pain and no remarkable blood loss. Thermal welding tonsillectomy is performed on an outpatient base and the patient is discharged within the same day. The surgical procedure is painless and carried out without using a blade and without harming the nearby tissues. There is no remarkable bleeding during surgery. No postoperative hemorrhage or other complication occurs” said he.

What is Thermal Welding Technique, What are its Advantages?
Stating that Thermal Welding System was today’s newest surgical technique that uses direct heat instead of electric energy for tonsil removal procedure without harming the nearby tissues, Professor Ferhat Erişir delivered information about thermal welding tonsillectomy. “Thermal welding tonsillectomy is performed on outpatient basis and the patient is discharged within the same day or a day after the surgical procedure. Compared to other known tonsillectomy methods, thermal welding, which is a novel surgical technique for simultaneous tissue sealing and dividing, is quite effective and safe, providing sufficient hemostasis and no or minimal intraoperative pain and blood loss. Using the conventional technologies, patients need to receive intravenous fluids for 10 days after their tonsillectomy, because they cannot yet drink normally. Compared to other methods, thermal welding speeds recovery time as it reduces damage to surrounding tissue. Patients have no need to receive intravenous fluids; drinking water and consuming soft foods will help tissues to recover within a week following the surgical procedure. Patients experience no post-operative bleeding, less pain and get back to their normal diets faster. The time for a full recovery and returning to a normal diet is about a week” said he.

Thermal welding tonsillectomy lasts approximately half an hour
Unlike other techniques, no mucosal incision is performed in thermal welding procedure. The TWS uses a heating element at the tip of the instrument combined with pressure to denature molecules within the tissue. Tissue is squeezed between insulated jaws as focused heat is applied to the local region. The molecules in the tissue are denatured and fused to one another, forming a tight seal. More highly focused heat is applied in the center of the tissue within the jaws of the instrument, thereby minimizing any effect on nearby tissues. The operative time is approximately half an hour.

Thermal Welding Tonsillectomy can be performed safely in four seasons
Stating that warm weather conditions are usually preferred to minimize bleeding, pain, dehydration and other complications associated with tonsillectomies carried out via conventional methods, Professor Erişir underlined that thermal welding tonsillectomy can be performed safely in all seasons as it is a painless and bloodless technique.