Message from the Chief Physician

Message from the Chief Physician 2019-10-09T09:24:15+03:00

Near East University Hospital has been established according to the Joint Commission International accreditation criteria and has been serving as the largest and most equipped hospital in the region since 2010 with its professional academic physician staff, infrastructure, laboratories, medical imaging and diagnostic centres, in-patient services ensuring patient comfort is at the highest level, fully equipped operating rooms, intensive care units and the Near East University Medical Faculty.
Almost 750 doctors work at Near East University Hospital, where 144 doctors, who are professors and associate professors known around the world, serve in 41 branches.Without sacrificing ethical values and principles, with its respectful, honest, reliable, technologically adept, experienced academic medical staff, Near East University Hospital has been offering services for both local and foreign patients through itsstate of the art facilities with great distinction and withoutany form of discrimination against language, religion or race and has become a respected centre around the world.Near East University Hospital serves patients from abroad through the International Patient Coordination Center and provides every opportunity for these patients to make them feel as if they are receiving services in their own countries.Departments including theHeart Transplantation Center, Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Center, Heart Failure Center, IVF Center, Breast Health Center, Sleep Laboratory Center, Check Up Center, Sports Health Center, Smoking Cessation Center, Haemodialysis Center and Stroke Center continue to offer services within the Near East University Hospital. Near East University Hospital has been physically prepared to offer organ transplantation services for some time and has now received permission to conduct heart transplant operations, which provides the opportunity for citizens of the TRNC to receive a heart transplant in their own country, as they previously could not benefit from these services anywhere around the world, including in Turkey.The Bafra Health Center opened in 2018 after the Güzelyurt and Gazi Famagusta health centres, which provide services as a part of the Near East University Hospital in order to enable residents in our country to access health services earlier and easier, as well as providing health services to hotel employees and tourists in the region due to the fact that it is a tourism region. The presence of the Near East University Hospital ensures that everyone living on our island and those coming from abroad can feel safe.

Dr. Sevim Erkmen
Chief Physician

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