The 15th issue of Near East University Hospital’s healthy life magazine “Near Health” has been published…

The 15th issue of “Near Health”, prepared by the Near East University Hospital, the only health magazine of the TRNC, has been published. Bringing the latest innovations in the medical world, the most up-to-date information on health, treatment methods, and healthy lifestyle suggestions that will make your life easier, “Near Health” also offers entertaining content with its culture, art, automobile and travel pages.

In the fifteenth issue of the magazine, which is published semi-annually in Turkish and English; There are informative articles on many subjects such as eye allergies, sleep apnea, obesity, kidney transplantation, lupus, joint calcification, oral health, mole follow-up, and carotid artery occlusion. At the same time, in the magazine; content such as a summer guide for pregnant women, healthy sports and detox recommendations guide its readers for a healthy life.

Highlights from the magazine…
Many topics are covered in the 15th issue of “Near Health”. Near East University Hospital Ophthalmology Specialist Prof. Dr. Ali Aydın, in his article titled “Don’t miss the spring”, deals with eye allergies in every aspect. A specialist from the Department of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology of the Near East University Hospital Specialist Dr. Hülya Dede Vahedi wrote about what should be known about lupus, which affects many organs at once.

Severe pain, which cancer patients are exposed to and suffer, not only affects their daily life, but also causes them to wear out psychologically. In the 15th issue of the journal, the treatment process of a 38-year-old patient, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer and was treated at the Near East University Hospital as a result of the pain she suffered, is explained.

In the culture, art, automobile and travel sections of the magazine, the museums founded by the Near East Enterprises, the new hall of the Cyprus Car Museum where classic sports cars are exhibited, and the Closed Varosha are reviewed.

It is also possible to read the Near Health Magazine, which is free to its readers, online from the website of the Near East University Hospital.