13th issue of “Near Health” Magazine prepared by Near East University Hospital published…

Date Added: 27 January 2021, 08:38

The 13th issue of the “Near Health” magazine, which presents the latest information, treatment methods and experiences in every field of health services, was published by the Near East University Hospital. Aiming to share the latest innovations in the medical world with its readers, Near Health is published every six months in Turkish and English languages free of charge.

All about COVID-19 ...
In the 13th issue of Near Health, everything wondered about COVID-19 caused by the new type of coronavirus that emerged in China in 2019 and affected 100 million people in the world was included. Detailed information about the course, symptoms, diagnostic methods and treatment of COVID-19 was shared with the reader. In addition, the neurological and psychological effects of the disease were also discussed.

Congenital Heart Diseases
In the magazine, which draws attention to congenital heart diseases, the development of the baby's heart in the womb, heart diseases that occur according to genetic and environmental effects, drug use during pregnancy, heart diseases, findings, diagnostic methods, tests and things to be considered were shared. In addition, information about the "cardiac systolic murmur" seen in the heart, diagnosis, treatment planning, and angiography in children was given.

Subjects on Child and Adolescent Health ...
In the magazine, which includes information on Child Health and Diseases and Child and Adolescent Psychology, topics such as 'Hearing Test', 'First Eye Examination', 'Tongue-tie', 'Virus Psychology in Children and Adolescents' and 'Screen Addiction', and 'Early Adolescence' are covered.

Health information in many fields shared with the reader...
In the journal, 'Vitamin D' in nutrition and dietetics, 'vitiligo' and 'eye bags' in dermatology, 'correct posture' in physical medicine and rehabilitation, 'virtual colonoscopy' in radiology, 'fever' in infectious diseases and clinical microbiology, 'linkage' in internal diseases, "tissue diseases', 'old age depression' in psychiatry, 'hearing problems' in ear, health problems in nose and throat, 'diabetic foot 'in orthopedics and traumatology, !chronic fatigue' in internal medicine, 'headache and migraine' in neurology are also examined in depth.

Prof. Dr. İrfan Suat Günsel: "We continue to serve not only the people of the island but also all our guests staying on the island with the latest technology."
Near East University Chairman of the Board of Trustees Prof. Dr. İrfan Suat Günsel said that they continue to meet the health needs of the TRNC with the Near East University Hospital.

Prof. Dr. Günsel said, "With the Near East University Hospital, which has left its 10th year behind, with 41 departments, 144 doctors, 113 contracted institutions and four health centers, we continue to serve not only the people of our island but also all our guests staying on the island with the latest technology."

Stating that the last year which passed with the COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the importance of healthy life awareness, Prof. Dr. İrfan Suat Günsel said that they continue to work for public health with the opportunities they have and the experience of their specialist staff.

Prof. Dr. Müfit C. Yenen: "We will continue to stand by our people..."
Expressing that they have published a magazine in which top-level specialist prepare information in their fields, Near East University Hospital Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Müfit C. Yenen said that the new issue is an interesting and enjoyable issue.

Stating that they will continue to be with the public whenever needed, with the awareness of social responsibility, Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Müfit Yenen commented on the content prepared about COVID-19. Prof. Dr. Yenen said, "In addition to many important issues that are essential for a healthy life, we have discussed the latest and current situation in the new type of coronavirus pandemic in a multidimensional way for you."