COPD patients suffer from COVID-19 5 times heavier

Date Added: 23 November 2020, 09:59

Near East University Hospital Chest Diseases Department published a paper on November 18, World COPD Day. In the report, which stated that COPD is a Progressive Pulmonary Disease with narrowing of the respiratory passage, it was stated that COPD patients have the risk of transmitting Covid-19 5 times heavier than other patients.

COPD, defined as a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is a progressive lung disease characterized by narrowing of the airways. COPD, which causes abnormalities in the respiratory passage or air sacs and progresses with persistent respiratory complaints, is also a preventable and treatable disease. Oxygen is the source of life, and all body organs need oxygen. In the statement published by the Department of Chest Diseases of the Near East University Hospital, it was stated that due to the inability of individuals with COPD to produce enough oxygen, all organs began to be negatively affected over time. In the paper, it is stated; "The incident in COPD is not limited to the lungs only. Fatigue and damage begin to occur in the most active organs of the body such as muscles (arm, leg and respiratory muscles), heart, brain cells and bones due to non-microbial chronic inflammation in the lungs and insufficient oxygen production."

How often does COPD Occur?
COPD is seen an average of 11.7% in adults over the age of 40 in the world. This rate corresponds to approximately one in ten adults. According to the data of the World Health Organization, it ranks third in the list of diseases that cause the most death. In the statement published by the Department of Chest Diseases of the Near East University Hospital, it is stated; "Although it is more common in men worldwide, it has been more common in women in recent years compared to previous years, with an increase in parallel with the use of tobacco products."

How does COPD occur? Who is in the risk group?
Stating that exposure to tobacco products is the best known and most common risk factor affecting the development of COPD, the report stated that passive smoking also contributes to the development of COPD, not only tobacco products but also many factors from the mother's womb to adulthood. In the paper, the risk factors were stated as being born under weight, having frequent respiratory infections in childhood, inequality in health, indoor and outdoor air pollution due to fuels such as wood, and working in dusty and smoky workplaces.

COPD and Covid-19
In the report published by the Department of Chest Diseases of the Near East University Hospital, it was stated that COVID-19 is more common in COPD patients, and the risk of these patients having COVID-19 is five times higher. In this context, the protection measures of COPD patients from COVID-19 were expressed in the statement as follows: "Like all members of the society, COPD patients should take standard personal protective measures against Covid-19. The main target in COPD patients; The aim is to continue to use the COPD drugs used before the pandemic in the same way and to keep the disease stable without making changes in the current treatment of the disease. Oxygen and home respirator treatments should continue in the same way. Since complaints associated with COPD attacks can also be seen in COVID-19 infection, a correct diagnosis is absolutely necessary. Studies have shown that face-to-face clinical visits have decreased due to the pandemic, and pulmonary rehabilitation programs have also been interrupted. COPD patients preferred to spend their exacerbation episodes at home. For these processes, COPD patients are supported by developing telehealth 'remote or online' health applications."