Kardelen Çetin’s Organs gave life to five patients

Date Added: 18 October 2019, 18:50
Last Updated Date:06 December 2019, 10:00

Taken to intensive care unit as a result of brain haemorrhage he had one week ago, final year university student Kardelen Çetin’s organs were donated by her family, due to her brain death. Resultantly, these organs gave life to five patients, 2 of which are in our country and 3 in the Republic of Turkey. It was stated that 10 years ago Kardelen’s parents themselves had registered to be organ donors and due to the sudden and sad death of their daughter in our country, the family took the difficult decision and donated their daughter’s organs. Once again, this decision revealed the importance of organ donation to us all.

Chief Physician of Near East University Hospital Prof. Dr. Müfit C. Yenen, Secretary General of the Ministry of Health Coordination Board Assoc. Dr. Düriye Deren Oygar, Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist, Near East University Hospital and Physician in charge of the Heart Transplantation Centre Asst. Assoc. Dr. Contact Özlem Balcıoğlu, drew attention to the significance of organ donation and Kardelen Çetin’s organs being donated by her family.

Prof. Dr. Müfit C. Yenen: “As a licensed heart transplant centre, we will accelerate our efforts to raise public awareness on organ donation.”
Expressing condolences on behalf of the Near East University Hospital, Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Müfit C. Yenen stated that he was in great sorrow for the loss of Kardelen Çetin at a young age, and expressed condolences to her beloved family. Prof. Dr. Müfit C. Yenen said:

“Dearest Kardelen Çetin whom we lost at a young age, will continue to live in other people upon the request of his family.” He then provided further details regarding the donation of Kardelen Çetin’s organs. He said: “After the brain death and the declaration of the donations of her organs, we were notified regarding the matter as a licensed Heart Transplantation Centre, TRNC Organ Transplantation Centre. As a result of the researches of the Organ Transplantation Center, there was no suitable recipient for organ transplantation in the lists in Northern Cyprus and thus, the relevant authorities in Turkey were informed. Afterwards, organs were removed via the operations performed in our hospital and sent to the appropriate recipients.”

Prof. Dr. Müfit C. Yenen drew attention to the importance of the spread of organ donation in our country and added that as the licensed Heart Transplantation Centre of the Near East University Hospital, they will accelerate public awareness activities on organ donation and that they were expecting the support of the public on this issue.

Saffet Çetin: “As Kardelen’s parents, with the decision we took, we have lost a child but have brought 5 others back to life!”
Kardelen Çetin’s father Saffet Çetin made a statement regarding the decision of donating their daughter’s organs and said that 10 years ago they (Lardelen’s parents) registered to become organ donors in Turkey and that in the face of this painful and unfortunate situation that happened to their daughter, they also decided to donate daughter’s, Kardelen’s, organs. Saffet Çetin stated that they asher parents both wanted to draw attention to the importance of organ donation despite their deep pain. He pointed out that they had lost a child; however, others were brought back to life. He stressed that they were not at all distressed about donating their daughter’s organs and strongly wish set an example to the society. He said that they were not distressed since when someone dies, they are buried and this was no good to anyone. Furthermore, he said that by this way people with poor health can benefit. He reminded everyone that their daughter’s name was Kardelen, and by donating her organs, they now kept 5 Kardelen’s alive. Saffet Çetin emphasised his wish regarding the hope that the organs they donated will bring life to the transplanted people. Additionally, he stated that they, as Kardelen’s parents were proud of themselves and Kardelen. We sincerely wish that the people in our community make donations in this way.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Düriye Deren Oygar: “While Kardelen’s kidneys were transplanted to patients in our country, her heart, liver and corneas were sent to Turkey for the organ waiting patients.”
General Secretary of TRNC Ministry of Health Coordination Board, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Düriye Deren Oygar emphasised the significance of organ donation and stated that organ donation is a glimmer of hope for patients struggling with organ failure all over the world. Furthermore, she stated that organ donations could be made in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) since 2017. She said:

“I would like to express gratitude to Kardelen’s parents who are also listed as organ donors in Turkey. Upon the brain death of their daughter, they made the donation here as they were truly aware of the importance of organ donation. Thus, patients suffering from kidney, heart, liver and cornea were sent the donations. Moreover, waiting lists are evaluated within the TRNC Ministry of Health Coordination Board, and therefore according to the needs of patients in this list, these organs were distributed respectively.”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Düriye Deren Oygar pointed out that Kardelen’s parents gave life to two patients in the TRNC and due to the fact that liver and cornea transplants are not carried out in our country and the patients waiting for a heart transplant were not in a condition to be operated on, these organs were sent to Turkey.

Assist. Prof Dr. Özlem Balcıoğlu: “As in many countries, organ donation should be qualified as a social duty in our country as well.”
Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist, Near East University Hospital and Physician in Charge of and Heart Transplantation Centre Asst. Prof. Dr. Özlem Balcıoğlu stated that after the brain death of Kardelen, her family showed sensitivity to organ donation, which required maturity and sacrifice. She said that organ donation should be considered as a social duty in our country as in all countries. Furthermore, she provided details regarding organ donation and processes involved in our country:

“In transplantation laws, the most important point is to identify the recipients. The organ transplantation committee of the country's ministry of health is responsible for the identification of these recipients. Organ transplant commissions are obliged to distribute the organs in the most appropriate way”.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Özlem Balcıoğlu: “Transport operations are now being performed with great success in our country.”
“All over the world competing transport operations are now being performed with great success in our country. Organ Transplant suitable recipient in the absence of our country in accordance with the Commission's efforts with laws and bodies are sent to Turkey. The increasing sensitivity and sensitivity of our people on organ donation encourages healthcare professionals and increases the light of hope in our country.”

Assist. Prof. Dr. Özlem Balcıoğlu, they could bring patients back to life; those who are listed in the organ failure patients list and through making transplants to the appropriate patients. The Near East University Hospital is aware of the importance and value of organ donation as health workers for our country. She ended her words by stating that stated that they will continue to work diligently in the continuation of all studies and preparations on organ donation and transplantation.