The Story of Eren Alpdoğan

Date Added: 06 May 2019, 10:54
Last Updated Date:29 November 2019, 09:22

Around mid-afternoon on the 27th of September, I borrowed my friend’s motorbike after school and went for a short ride. Upon returning to school, the throttle got stuck, I lost control and then hit a car as I couldn’t stop. Then I was taken to the emergency service with an ambulance. I do not know what happened there because they put me to sleep due to bleeding in my brain.

I remained in the external centre in intensive care for 3 days. On the 4th day, I was transferred to Near East University Hospital. After remaining in intensive care for a period of time, my feet and shoulder were operated on. I was then taken into a service room. My doctors performed the operation successfully, I would like to thank them very much. I can say that I am alive thanks to Near East University Hospital. It is a very effective hospital. Its cleanliness and workers are all at high levels. The nurses, doctors and workers all greet you with a warm smile. They motivate you and this is very important for human psychology. I would like to thank all of my doctors, nurses and all other workers who took care of me.

Kind Regards.