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153 Emergency Call Center, which provides joint service for Near East University Hospital and Dr. Suat GÜNSEL University of Kyrenia Hospital, ensures uninterrupted services across the country with its twelve fully equipped ambulances

153 Emergency Call Center continues to provide services for all districts for the patients who demands emergency health and ambulance services from Dr. Suat GÜNSEL University of Kyrenia Hospital and […]

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Symposium on Life Support and Emergency Response held in Near East University Hospital

Near East University Hospital and Turkey Paramedic Association held a comprehensive symposium on life support and emergency response at the Near East University Hospital with contribution of Near East University […]

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Near East University Hospital and Iskele Municipality signed Cooperation Protocol and Municipal Employees to go under Health and Cardiac Screening

In accordance with the terms and conditions of the protocol signed today between the Near East University Hospital and the Iskele Municipality, the employees of the Iskele Municipality will undergo […]

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The 22nd National Cancer Congress hosted by the Turkish Radiation Oncology Association, the Turkish Pediatric Oncology Group and the Turkish Medical Oncology Association in Antalya

Presentations were held by expert speakers throughout the congress, where a large number of scientific workshops were also held at five day-long meetings, and the latest developments in cancer diagnosis […]

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Meaningful support to SOS Youth House from Near East University Hospital

Near East University Hospital organized Youth Event for SOS Youth Houses with the participation of dermatologists aiming to emphasize the importance of social assistance and social support carried out in […]

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March 14 Medicine Day

Near East University Hospital Chief Physician Dr. Sevim Erkmen stated in her press statement that she celebrated the Medicine Day of all the healthcare workers and doctors, and emphasized that […]

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Considering the risks of open heart surgery, the aortic valve of 82 year old patient was replaced at the Near East University through nonsurgical trans-catheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI)

As open heart surgery poses vital risk in elderly patients, Near East University Hospital Heart Center performs nonsurgical trans-catheter heart valve therapies to correct heart valve disorders. A male patient […]

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A 72-year-old patient admitted to the Hospital of Near East University suffering from congenital hole in the heart and heart rhythm disorder treated in 15 minutes without surgery

A 72-year old female patient with complaints of congenital hole and rhythm disorder, which remained undiagnosed and undetectable for several years, attended to the Cardiology Centre of the Hospital of […]

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Near East University Hospital Cancer Center provides gold standard medical oncology services including surgery and radiation therapy for all medical domains

Through a press meeting, Near East University Hospital publicized that the first and fully equipped cancer center of Cyprus was established. It was highlighted that the center was equipped with […]

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KKTC Sağlık Bakanlığı YDÜ Hastanesi ve Kanser Hastalarına Yardım Derneği İşbirliği Onkoloji Hastalarına Umut Oldu

All cancer patients will receive medical oncology examination service free of charge at the Near East University Hospital from now

Near East University assumes the leading role in health by offering free of charge medical examination services for patients suffering from cancer From now on, all cancer patients can receive […]

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